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-Play spaces organized by interest areas

-Secure open spaces

-Play equipment is safe and challenging for toddlers

-Family photos and children's artwork displayed at children's eye level

-Toddlers use their senses to explore materials—objects to bang and make noises with, sand to scoop, and playdough to squeeze

-Chairs, tables, and shelves are sturdy, safe, and the right size for independence

-Teachers read simple stories to children and provide sturdy board books for toddlers to look at and handle. The books reflect the children's languages, cultures, and families.


Sparking an independent mindset

The emphasis is always to create a warm, nurturing environment that encourages children to explore. The child's day is structured with outside play and daily activities that emphasize creativity and hands-on experiences. All themes are designed with a purpose, but reflect the spontaneity and charm of this age group.

Your child will increase his or her cognitive and social skills and learn to use language to understand and express feelings and solve problems.  The curriculum is “play-based” – your child will learn and concepts will be developed through indoor and outdoor play.

-Music and movement

-Language and literacy

-Creative art and sensory

-Dramatic play


-Fine and Gross motor

-Math and manipulatives

-Science and STEM

Get individualized care that you can rely on; call today!

One and Two year olds will enjoy the increased socialization and discovery that takes place in our Toddler class.  At this age, children are actively engaged in the process of discovering the power they have over their environment and bodies.

Toddler learning activities

What to look for in a Toddler Program


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When children and parents look forward to school, it creates a calming feeling within. Come to a school where your child will feel comfortable.

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