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Flying Hills


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An indication of a great preschool is seeing children's artwork decorating the classroom. We use the creative art to strengthen your child's creative nature and enhance their hand-eye coordination skills. Call today to enroll your child into our progressive learning environment.

Sparking an independent mindset

Children often vacillate between extreme independence and the need to be “babied” again.  Our teachers understand this normal developmental stage and create a safe and secure environment that fosters independence and exploration.  Children will be encouraged to feel successful along with learning to cope with failure through positive feedback.


Your child will increase their cognitive and social skills and learn to use language to understand and express feelings and solve problems.  The curriculum is “play-based” – your child will learn and concepts will be developed through indoor and outdoor play.

• Music

• Language and literacy

• Creative art

• Dramatic play

• Blocks

• Pre-reading

• Pre-writing

Get individualized care that you can rely on; call today!

Three-year-olds will enjoy the increased socialization and discovery that take place in our Preschool class.  At this age, children are actively engaged in the process of discovering the power they have over their environment and bodies.

Preschool learning activities

Exercising your child's creativeness


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When children and parents look forward to school, it creates a calming feeling within. Come to a school where your child will feel comfortable.