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Research in the fields of brain development and early childhood education has shown that children learn best when they are actively involved in the construction of their own knowledge through self-directed learning activities. Deep and true understanding comes when young children are supported in playful exploration by caring and encouraging adults in rich and stimulating environments.


Additionally, Flying Hills Preschool teachers supplement these experiences with large and small group activities that focus on social, emotional, and character development, physical fitness, science and a variety of monthly curricular themes. Because we know that our society places a strong emphasis on mathematics and literacy skills, we have designed our programs to give children particularly strong foundations in these disciplines.

Our Philosophy

The Flying Hills Preschool Program is designed to provide each child with an opportunity for exploration and self-expression in a structured program with an unstructured atmosphere.  It is our intent to give each child the opportunity to discover, explore, and problem-solve through direct experiences.  


We realize that each child has his or her own learning style. We gear our wide range of programs to develop the rich potential within each child.

  • Arts Exploration

  • Dramatic Play

  • Music and Movement

  • Language Arts

  • Socialization and Problem Solving Skills

  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills

  • Nature Exploration

  • Spatial and Mathematical Activities

  • STEM



Call today to give your child a boost in their educational growth!

Raising your young one's ability to perform in school promotes a great skill set for their future. You will be amazed how your child's mental and social ability will grow!

Activities for development

Learning Environment

Flying Hills Preschool has been leading the way in childhood development for over 35 years!


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We are participating in the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars quality early learning initiative.

This is a voluntary program that recognizes childcare providers who exceed state health and safety certification requirements. We are a four-star facility.

(This is the highest possible rating!)