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The goal of a multiage classroom is diversity.  The children are presented with a wide range of experiences, skills, and interests.  The teachers use a variety of techniques to ensure that each individual child receives an education that is stimulating and effective while not being overwhelming, paving the way for a strong educational foundation and a love for learning.  

By grouping 3-5 year olds together, our Mixed Age Group program is able to limit the number of classroom transitions a child will experience, leading to stronger and longer relationships between the teacher and the child.  When we group younger chilren with older children, they are exposed to higher level activities which will challenge them on multiple levels of develpment.  Also, older children who may need additional practice in areas of development designed for younger learners will have the opportunity to work on those skills and not be singled out.  The multiage classroom allows us to meet the needs of a very diverse group of students, while providing each child with a challenging academic program at their most appropriate level.

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Our Mixed Age Group program is a multiage educational program designed to serve children ages 2 years, 7 months through 6 years based on their developmental needs and not solely on their chronilogical age.

Personalized classrooms


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"Love the school! Teachers are amazing they treat the kids so well. My daughter loves it there, we couldn't imagine going anywhere else."


- Amie C. ,  A Happy Mom


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Preschool through Kindergarten Activities:

-Free play-outdoors, weather permitting

-Gross motor skill development

-Fine motor skill development

-Perceptual activities

-Language arts activities

-Math and manipulatives

-Science and STEM

-Expressive arts including music, art and dramatic play

-Social science and intercultural activities


-Health and safety

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