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Flying Hills


Enroll in the right program for your child. Receive a 5% discount for your second child’s full time tuition

See what we have in store for your child. View our calendar for our event dates. The first day of class is Monday, August 26th!




School hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday through Friday.

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"My son loves going to the preschool, and I can't wait for him to be able to go more often."


- Amanda L.


2019-2020 School Calendar 

Monday, August 26th                                                   1st Day of Classes

Friday, August 30th                                                      GMSD Early Dismissal

Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day)                           FHPS CLOSED

Friday, September 20th                                                GMSD Early Dismissal

Monday, October 14th (Columbus Day)                        GMSD Closed; SA Care Day

Friday, October 31st (Halloween)                                 GMSD Early Dismissal

November 25-December 2                                           GMSD Closed SA Care Days

Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving)                    FHPS CLOSED

Friday, November 29th (Black Friday)                           FHPS CLOSED

12/23/19-12/24/19                                                       GMSD Closed SA Care Days

12/25/19-1/1/20 (Christmas Holiday)                           FHPS CLOSED Winter Holiday

Friday, January 31st                                                       GMSD Early Dismissal

Friday, February 14th                                                    GMSD Early Dismissal

Monday, February 18th                                                 GMSD Closed; SA Care Day

Friday, March 20th                                                        GMSD Early Dismissal

April 9-10th                                                                   GMSD Closed; SA Care Day

Monday, April 13th (Easter Monday)                             FHPS CLOSED

Friday, May 1st                                                              GMSD Early Dismissal

Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day)                               FHPS CLOSED

Friday, May 29th                                                           GMSD Last day of school year

Monday, June 1st                                                          Summer Camp Begins